AQUARIUM – Naypyitaw Zoo and Safari


Since 2001, the aquarium is opened with the objectives to learn various types of local fish species and exotic fish species. Initially, in total 3000 fish in which 26 species of exotic fish and 18 species of domestic fish were exhibited. However, the purity of the water used in the aquarium and due to technical difficulties, the museum was upgraded again and reopened on 23.12.2017. Over 1800 fish including 45 species foreign aquatic animals and 23 species of local aquatic animals were displayed in (55) different fish chamber and the Fish Spa also opened along at reopen-time. The collected local fish species like Nga Phane (Cyprinus intha) and Salamanda (Tylotortriton varycosus) from Inle area, Cool Water fish (Neolisspechilus stracheyj) from Chin State and Na Ti(Pisodanophis boro) from Magway Region were displayed in the fish museum as well.

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