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Humboldt Penguin

length 26-28 inches
Weight 10 pounds
Sexual Maturity 2 - 7 years
Gestation Period 40-90 days
Life Span 10 years – 20 years
Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscushumboldt)

Type - Aves

Characteristics - The back of the body is black and the front of the body is white and gray. The legs are web consist of between digits like duck.

Range - Humboldt penguins are endemic to the subtropical Pacific coasts of Chile and Peru.

Habit - Live in sexual couple or group. Some time found in big group of group. It is one of the birds that cannot fly. The body and wings help the scuba diver to swim quickly. The main wing can fly underwater quickly. The fastest speed can reach 20 mph. The legs and tail have been used for direction control.

Diet - Adult penguins eat a variety of fish (small) that feed near the shore. Fish and shellfish Dude, go! Mon, It is often eaten in the sages. They roam about 20 miles [20 km] from their pastures. It also eats other small aquatic animals.

 Conservation Status - International Conservation status of IUCN Red list categories define as list in vulnerable-VU. CITES define as list in Appendix-I.


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