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Sea Lion

length 2.3 meters
Weight 200 to 350 kg.
Sexual Maturity Female 3 – 4 years old, Male - 6 years
Gestation Period (11-12) months
Sea Lion (Arctocephalus pusillus)

Characteristics - Males of the South African or cape fur seal are an average of 2.3 meters in length and weigh from 200 to 350 kg. Their coat is gray or black in color and is lighter on the underside. Female African fur seals are smaller, weighing an average of 120 kg and measuring an average of 1.8 meters long. Their coats are brown with lighter shading on the underside.

Range - Arctocephaluspusilluspusillus can be found along the southern and southwestern coast of Africa. They are commonly spotted throughout Namibia and as far east as Port Elizabeth.

Arctocephaluspusillusdoriferus can be found along the southern and southeastern coasts of Australia. They are commonly spotted in places like Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and scattered islands.

Habit - Groups of seals that share a rookery every year are called colonies. South African fur seal colonies range in size from 500-3000 bulls, although some have been spotted with over 3000. 

Diet - South African fur seals consist fishes, squid, crab.

Conservation Status- IUCN Red list in least concern-LC and CITES Appendix-II.


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