Wallaby – Naypyitaw Zoo and Safari


length 925-1,050 mm
Weight 20 – 30 pounds
Sexual Maturity 2 years old
Gestation Period 27 - 37 days
Life Span 15 years
Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus)

Type - Mammal

Characterics - Red-necked wallabies are named for the reddish fur on their napes and shoulders. The rest of the body is fawny gray with a white chest and belly. The tail is gray above and white below. Hands and feet are gray, becoming black at the ends of the digits. The muzzle is dark brown, and the ears of red-necked wallabies are longer in proportion to other macropods.

Range - Red-necked wallabies are native of Australia.

Habit - As in other macropods, red-necked wallabies use their tails as a prop. They are mainly crepuscular, spending daylight hours resting in cover, although they are often seen foraging until late in the morning and beginning evening foraging late in the afternoon. They cool themselves by licking their hands and forearms during nervous excitement or hot weather. They are essentially solitary, but may forage in groups of up to 30 individuals.

Diet - Red-necked wallabies are essentially grazers, consuming largely grasses and herbs. Juicy roots during dry spells supply red-necked wallabies with water.

Conservation Status - IUCN Red list in least concern-LC.


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