White Lion – Naypyitaw Zoo and Safari

White Lion

length 5 ft – 7 ft
Weight 300 – 500 lbs
Sexual Maturity 4 years old
Gestation Period 3 and half months
Birth Rate 3 to 4 cubs at a time
Life Span 20 years – 40 years
White Lion (Panthera leo)

Characteristics - The body is brown colour and male lions have a distinctive mane of hair around their heads and female lions have not got any of these.

Habit - Lions are the second largest in cat species. They live in large groups called prides, consisting of about 15 lions. Related females and their young make up the majority of the pride. Although they are renowned as “the king of the jungle”, females do almost all of the hunting. Lions inhabit grassy plains.

Diet - They are ccarnivorous animals and hunt zebras, giraffe, buffaloes, elephants, wild boars and sometimes rhinoceros, hippopotami and crocodiles.

Conservation status rank- African Lion remains heavily threatened by habitat loss so it is preserved by listing in the IUCN’s Red List as Vulnerable- VU species.


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