Zoo – Naypyitaw Zoo and Safari


Elephant Camp

Wide spread area with waterfall, hill and broad grazing ground which allows to roam freely the native elephant species. Visitors can enjoy closely different shape and size of elephants that are breeding as close as to their ........

Hippo Lake

Naturally found big lake with swampy ground was allocated for Hippo since 2008.The wooden bridge built across over the swampy area where visitors can watch and feed the freely roaming Hippo.

Humboldt Penguin

The Humboldt penguin are originally imported from Japan and adopted at Zoological Garden (NayPyiTaw) since 2014.We successfully adopt foreign wildlife species like penguin, which need proper temperature and systematic breeding. ........

Sea Lion

Sea lions are usually found in southern and southwestern cost of Africa, which are officially imported to Nay Pyi Taw zoo for the purposes of observation since 2012. Sea lion is expensive to care and also needs proper temperature ........


Red-necked wallabies are native of Australia, which is one of the most significant wild animals of the zoo. Visitors can observe hopping wallabies from one place to another and aim to get knowledges about their habitation and diet.

White Tiger

Visitors can observe white tigers in Zoological Garden (NayPyiTAw). They have been imported from China to Nay Pyi Taw Zoo since 2011.They have white fur with black stripes and blues eyes. In the zoo, their living place ........

White Lion

White lion, like the jungle king have white fur, gold eyes and white hair manes. Four white lions are imported from Africa to Zoological Garden (NayPyiTaw). since 2011 and breeding with naturalistic enclosure and housing.


Since 2001, the aquarium is opened with the objectives to learn various types of local fish species and exotic fish species. Initially, in total 3000 fish in which 26 species of exotic fish and 18 species of domestic fish ........

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