Zoo – Naypyitaw Zoo and Safari


Zoological Garden (Nay Pyi Taw). is not only the biggest zoo within local zoo but also in South East Asia, is situated between Yangon-Mandalay old highway between 256/2 and 257/0 miles near Ye Sein Dam. On (26.3.2018), the zoo was opened for the public to see, ninety species of animals and numerically 420 are exhibited in Zoological Garden (Nay Pyi Taw). There were more valuable and rare animals like white tiger, white Lion, penguin, sea otter, etc. are exhibited in zoo.

Mammals         - 38 species (344 animals)

Aves                - 36 species (347 animals)

Reptiles           - 9 species (64 animals)

Total – 83 species (755) animals

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